Solutions For Your Retirement Plan

We strive to provide employers with pertinent information, compliance friendly solutions, and the potential to reduce costs, while enhancing investment opportunities and helping participants achieve financial security.

Independent Investment Due Diligence

Choosing and monitoring the appropriate investments offered in your plan is a serious fiduciary task, as it can impact a participant’s retirement experience. At Spicer Retirement Advisors, we are committed to providing independent investment analysis and staying ahead and on top of your fiduciary responsibility. We can evaluate investments based on a number of quantitative and qualitative factors and recommend fund additions, deletions, and replacements – ultimately helping you improve plan value and enhance investment opportunities for your participants.

Fee Benchmarking and Vendor Search

When was the last time you evaluated your current plan provider? Spicer Retirement Advisors will do a thorough review of your current provider’s services including administrative, recordkeeping, compliance, website/statements, service management, and employee communication services. In addition, we will complete a total cost analysis, including revenue sharing, and compare this information to other providers to determine if fees are reasonable. We will provide detailed reports about possible vendors that may be better suited to your needs and assist with making an appropriate decision, while helping you meet fiduciary responsibilities as set forth by ERISA.

Fiduciary Guidance

As a fiduciary, you have personal liability for assets in the company’s retirement plan. It is crucial that you partner with an independent firm specializing in services that reduce exposure to fiduciary liability.


Statistics indicate that many employees today are not saving enough for their retirement and are not investing appropriately. Without an increase in education and advice, the majority of your plan participants will most likely fall financially short at retirement. Spicer Retirement Advisors is committed to maximizing benefits for plan participants through group and individual education meetings, employee communication strategies, asset allocation and investment guidance, education modules, and employee memos. We will deliver this information in a way that is easy for your participants to understand and intended to help them achieve their retirement goals.